Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Finally After Two Month 20 Days

wooot woooot.....
stelah sekian lamanya x mengupdate Blog,,,kini aku kembali hahhahhahah......
sory guys da lm x update blog,,,xder moOD dowh...even alot of things wants to share wth u guys......ok what im glad to share wth u nows hhehheheh...evrything during semEStER bReak......

startIng wtH handle CCGC proGram aT penanG and kak Lin wedding.......

frOm LefT(za8~kak sab~mirol~nurin~alang~me)

the woNDerfULL Uni. Bus In malaysia( hohohoh perasaN)

(gossip GIRL kak sab n nURIn)

CredIt TO MIroL)

From The leFt(za8.Ucop.Kak Sab.Me)

kak Sab+cIK MEOn+me
Wth tHe papa& mama VOuge
at the bacK(amar~kaksab~me)
inFRoNt(aina~kak Gee~siR hisyaM)
Wth stUDenT affaiR teaM
fROm The lEfT( queen of the day)
~kak lin~kak sab~kak g~cik meon~aina~abg nIk~me~za8)

afTEr that bz LookIng a part tIme jOB LOL....
and finally im become a part Of this institution

at THis place im learn evrytHing regarding the friendshIP,,working experience....
thanks a lOt tO azruL,husna,fifi,ciknaH,maknjang,aziz,kak,mek,bai,gban,zul,pkcik,usop and the last but not least Ust lar(OuR bOss).....
a lot of memory already cReated here....will miss u Guys......

Ok we sTOp iT here and wiLL see u in tHe next Post heheh,,,bye lurve u .......

P/S : Mode counting day foR nEw academic semsteR

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