Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Memori Tercipta II

salam Guys this the Update of mY uNIKL bMI famILy hehhehe

finaLLy opah Pic was here hehheheh,,,
opaH,aToK anD Uncle maT

Sorry Guys

sorry guys down have much tyme to update this blog,,,
a lot of work to do,,,
but special Thanks TO mY Frenz eN nazRIn becoz always view MY BLOg,,,,
downt worry i will update always after this

Monday, March 1, 2010

The End Of February

tOday we can say good BYe To FebruaRy and say welcOming marcH and starting a new chapter Of OuR Life,,,
a lot of tHing was happen To me siNce the first of FebruarY tIll the end Of february,,,,,
starting with mEet mY Old FRenz,,,
soMethIng happen to me,,
the Kind persOn
hanGouT wiTh mY nephew and old FReNz
and im closed the february wiTh the sweet memorized hehheheh

aDli Brother wedDiNg

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