Saturday, May 5, 2012

Learn From Expert

salam guys,, what up!!! long time we didn have time to meet together rite hehhehe>>>> a lot of thgs happen but don have much time tO Update coz busy wiTH FYP+asigment+bla~~~ hahhha today i would like to share with Uoalsss...... 

 SEE!! my Professional Communication II technical report writing

this is not final year project report but my assignment (prof ComII)
thanks to our beloved lect.  mR. AzrUL HIsYAM aBD RAhmAn.... he teach us how to write this technical report until what we can produce at the end of semester..........

our technical report

 pc II student wth Our beloved and the best lecturer>>>

hopefully all of us will gain A or A-....
not more than that.......

to all classmate....
one,apiz,mal,usop,pejey,amin, apet, nazir,topex,izo,kak chik,jun,awin, kira,mara(opssss! fiza), tikah,yana and nana
will miss every step together...

after 14 week now we will focus on our final exam!!!!!!
gud luck guys!!!!

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